The Truth about your Teeth: Debunking 5 Dental Myths

The Truth about your Teeth: Debunking 5 Dental Myths

You may have encountered a few dental myths over time. These influence you on how you take care of your oral health. However, these are far from the truth. It is important to separate fact from fiction to avoid frequent visits to a dental clinic. Here we have listed the top 5 Myths debunked by our Periodontists and Orthodontists in Dubai. Read on as we set the records straight and know more about how to take care of your overall oral health.


Myth 1: “Flossing every day keeps the dentist away.”

It is important to floss your teeth to remove food debris left nestling in between your teeth even after brushing. However, it is also important to understand that flossing every day is not necessary. Top Orthodontists in Dubai claim that flossing, if done incorrectly, can harm you especially if you have sensitive gums. There are several alternatives to traditional flossing and interdental cleaners worth trying.


Myth 2: “I’m too old for clear braces.”

A common misconception for having braces is its relativity to age. A lot of people believe that there is a prime age for getting clear braces and others insist on getting it while you’re young. The truth is, age doesn’t matter. Our Orthodontists in Dubai agree that getting braces often depends on whether your teeth are healthy and strong enough to withstand orthodontic procedures. We suggest consulting our expert Orthodontists before getting your braces. Remember, no one is too old for braces.


Myth3: “Stress isn’t related to your gum health.”

Stress affects every aspect of our health and our gums are not an exception. Bacteria, that reside on our gums thrive under stress. According to the British Columbia Dental Association, “Stress may contribute to teeth grinding, gum disease, dry mouth, and canker sores and may also impact your oral health routine and diet.”  These factors, if not taken seriously have serious consequences on your overall oral health. Take the time off to relieve stress and visit your Periodontist for any concerns regarding your gum health.


Myth4: “Visit your dentist only when your teeth hurt.”

There can be no other explanation for this than making sure you visit your dentist at least twice or thrice a year. It doesn’t matter if your teeth hurt or not, our Dentists in Dubai point out that certain conditions like tooth decay take time to develop gradually. As the adage goes, prevention is always better than cure. Not to mention that eradicating problems at an early stage is cost-effective and will less likely lead to complications.


Myth5: “The tougher the brush, the cleaner the teeth.”

We can all agree that we feel cleaner and fresher after a good scrub. And somehow this applies when brushing our teeth as well. However, brushing too hard can erode the hard enamel on our teeth that protects it from getting cavities and decay. Brushing too hard can cause significant damage to our gums as well. Using a soft, medium-soft brush and learning the proper way to brush your teeth is the most effective way in making sure our mouth is clean.

We strongly encourage you to be proactive when it concerns your oral health. There are plenty of Orthodontists in Dubai that specialize in various treatments that you may need. 

Do you have any problems with your teeth? You can visit us anytime to consult with our team of experts.