Things You Should Look Out For While Getting An Invisalign Treatment

Things You Should Look Out For While Getting An Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign has become one of the most preferred methods of teeth alignment as compared to traditional braces for a number of reasons. A few to name being its comfortable wear and the aesthetically pleasing appearance. There are certain aspects of the Invisalign treatment that must be meticulously followed to ensure you get the most out of the treatment.

Try To Wear Them As Much As Possible

In order to make the Invisalign treatment as effective as possible, you need to wear the aligners daily for as long as possible. During the first two days, it is recommended that you do not take them out unless it is absolutely necessary, such as while eating or brushing your teeth. After the 48 hours are up, you are advised to keep them on for as frequently as possible. 

The Duration Is Different For Everyone

Patience is key when it comes to achieving results via the Invisalign treatment. Although it is significantly less time consuming than traditional braces, the specific time period varies from person to person and depends on the severity of misalignment amongst other factors. It is perfectly normal for your teeth to take a longer or shorter period of time in comparison to others. Your orthodontist will determine the state of your teeth and accordingly advise the best fit path for treatment. 

Quick Results

Invisalign, when compared to traditional braces, produces much faster results. It usually takes a couple of months to see the desired changes as the treatment is crafted in a way to exert specific and sufficient amounts of pressure on particular teeth to change their placements. It is absolutely essential to commit to wearing them as often as you can to ensure quick progress and results. 

Daily Oral Hygiene Is Necessary

During the time that you will be wearing the aligners, you will need to complete your dental routine at least twice or thrice more than usual. While completing the treatment, your dental routine has to be repeated every time you remove and reinsert the aligners.

This process is recommended because while you wear Invisalign, the trays cover your teeth completely. And  when they are reinserted without brushing or flossing your teeth first, all the food residue is locked in with the aligners. This can lead to uninvited problems such as decaying teeth, bacterial infections, and other types of damage. 

You Can Eat Anything As Long As You Take Them Off

With aligners, there are no restrictions on eating or following a particular diet. The only requirement is that you need to remove your Invisalign aligners before eating and clean your mouth thoroughly before putting them back on. It is advised that you drink a lot of water during the treatment because your mouth will become dry often and the aligners need constant lubrication in order to work well. 

Cleaning Your Aligners Is Essential

As is true for your oral hygiene, keeping your aligners neat and clean is also an important step of the process during the Invisalign treatment. It is essential to clean them daily along with your teeth. Your orthodontist will recommend to clean them everytime you take them off as this proves to also be a convenient time for you. 

Following through with all the recommended practices will give you the perfect smile and alignment that you have been waiting for all along. Begin the treatment today at our Invisalign Center Dubai and gain complete confidence in your smile.