A Smile For A Smile: How Smiling Has A Positive Impact On Social Interactions

A Smile For A Smile: How Smiling Has A Positive Impact On Social Interactions

A smile is contagious and it lifts anyone’s mood. The simple act of smiling can change you and the people around you. However, not everyone is confident with their smiles. Crooked, uneven bite and damaged teeth can get in the way of a person’s smile. Orthodontic treatments such as traditional and invisible braces help correct the teeth’s position by straightening it and consequently improving an individual’s bite. 

Having a confident smile can send positive messages to the people you meet. A smile can even determine the relationship you build with people. Overall, a smile can work wonders and can have a positive impact on your social interactions. Let’s examine how. 

Why Do People Smile?

Smiling is a way for people to express themselves, It can be a way to reflect happy emotions, gratitude, love, pride and excitement. We smile because we experience pleasant feelings. We also do it when we receive positive feedback or find something funny online. The common denominator is that we smile because we feel – we are capable of experiencing emotions and subconsciously we want to share these emotions with others. 

A Warm Smile Can Make You Approachable

A smile can make people gravitate towards you. It signifies openness and trustworthiness. Think about it – who would want to approach a frowning individual? When you have a genuine smile, you will make people comfortable just being around you. It makes you easier to approach and talk to. When you smile at someone, it is likely that they will smile back. And in that very instant, you establish a connection. 

Your Smile Can Inspire People

A wide and genuine smile can also inspire. It has the power to encourage people to be positive in life and establish a sense of mindfulness. A smile is something that should be worn as often as possible so people can be influenced by its and your positivity. Chances are, that the people who you caused to curve their lips into a smile will transmit it to others, hence spreading positivity will multiply.

Your Smile Can Help You Build Better Relationships

When people perceive you as approachable and likable, it makes it much easier for you to build relationships. Having positive social interactions is important for your health and well-being. In fact, a study showed that people who smile more often and have a positive attitude towards life have longer, more stable marriages and far better interpersonal relationships than people who constantly frown and are generally more pessimistic.

Smiling Can Make Your Relationships Less Stressful

Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin which are feel-good hormones. When you smile, you are simply more pleasant to be around with and this makes the people around you not only happier but also more relaxed. As a result, your relationships will be less stressful. While misunderstandings are but inevitable, there’s nothing proper communication can’t fix. And when you’re comfortable with the person you’re with it is easier to communicate and convey your feelings. 

Smiling Can Improve The Relationship You Have At Work

Your workmates will be drawn to you, even more, when you are approachable and open. This is something that a smile can provide. Your smile can illustrate a sense of confidence and reliability. It will help you come across as a helpful and hardworking employee. It can also spark teamwork and collaboration at your workplace. 

So don’t let your smile be hidden behind crooked teeth. Invisible braces such as Invisalign clear aligners can increase your confidence so you can sport a smile that is noticed from miles away.