Preventing Plaque Build-Up While Using Invisible Braces

Preventing Plaque Build-Up While Using Invisible Braces

Your invisible braces are well adept to address multiple teeth issues and complications with the aid of advanced technology and manufacturing expertise. While your invisible teeth straightening occurs, it is also important to have your teeth and aligners free of any plaque as it can give way to bacterial infections and can deter the benefits of the treatment. In order to avoid these consequences, the following tips to avoid plaque build-up have been combined for your reference below.

Twice-A-Day Cleaning

When it comes to both your teeth and  virtually invisible braces, both have to be thoroughly cleaned twice a day for optimal results and effects. This can be done by brushing your teeth every morning and before sleeping at night and using the same time also to brush your clear aligners. Brushing helps remove and eliminate any bacteria that are growing on and around your teeth that foster well in the presence of plaque. 

Plaque builds when any starchy and sugar-rich foods are consumed and are left on the surface of the teeth due to lack of cleaning measures. These provide nutrition to the bacteria that grow and form plaque on your teeth. Cleaning your teeth will remove the possibility of such build-ups and keep your teeth being as well as looking healthy. 

Floss Your Teeth

Flossing your teeth every day also helps eliminate any bacteria that are festering between your teeth, which effectively can reduce plaque formation. As you are required to remove your clear aligners when you eat and drink, the target must be to keep your teeth clean in the first place to avoid the bacteria from transferring onto your clear braces

To ensure this, flossing your teeth can help remove bacteria from the small gaps in your teeth that are not always reachable to the bristles of your toothbrush. By removing the bacteria there, the chances of plaque build-up will reduce significantly for your benefit. 

Rinse Your Mouth

Using mouthwashes that are anti-bacterial to rinse your mouth during the day can also prove to be an effective strategy to fight plaque. A mouthwash will reach every slope and curve in your oral cavity and rinse it with chemicals that are chosen to kill bacteria and other germs. Each rinse will effectively reduce the bacterial colonies present in all surfaces of your mouth, proving to be the most efficient means of eliminating bacteria. You can rinse your mouth after each meal for the most efficient means of preventing plaque formation and build-up on your teeth. 

Mindful Eating

The main cause of bacterial growth lies in the food and drinks you consume throughout the day. Foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars, provide for an optimal medium for more bacteria to grow and form plaque. This is also true of energy and other sugary drinks that can further increase the chances of such growth within your oral cavity. 

It is best to avoid consuming such foods and drinks in large amounts in order to eliminate the source of the problem. Also, controlling your smoking habits can further help to maintain a healthy environment in your mouth. By eating mindfully, you can keep your teeth and clear aligners free of bacteria which will allow for the treatment to occur more effectively. 

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