Why The Perfect Selfie Has A Lot To Do With How You Feel About Your Smile

Why The Perfect Selfie Has A Lot To Do With How You Feel About Your Smile

What makes the perfect selfie? Does it have something to do with the way you angle your camera? Maybe it needs the perfect lighting? Or a unique background? While all of these can make your selfie worthy of social media, it all comes down to how you smile.

The most beautiful smiles come from within. When you feel good and confident, it reflects in your eyes and shows in your smile. Unfortunately, not everyone has the confidence to showcase their award-winning smiles. Chipped, stained, missing or crooked teeth may affect and even impair your self-esteem. 

Orthodontic procedures are available to help you achieve and flaunt your greatest accessory – your smile. While others choose the traditional metal braces, there are alternatives such as clear braces or aligners that are perfect for any lifestyle. 

The Perfect Selfie Starts With Great Teeth

A combination of good dental hygiene practices and regular visits to your dentist constitutes good oral health. Without a doubt, this will make for the perfect selfies. When you’re not embarrassed with your teeth, it has a positive effect on your smile. If you’re currently experiencing dental problems, it is recommended to talk to your dentist and correct any issues that can even affect your gum health. 


The most genuine smiles are coming from the heart. When you smile, be as natural as you can. Don’t feel tense or smile too widely, it may come off unpleasantly. Your selfie may look unflattering when you force a smile. Relax and let your natural smile come through and match it with your beautiful and healthy teeth.

Ace Your Photography Game

Don’t let your smile go to waste. It pays off to invest in learning basic photography skills. Everyone may already know how important lighting is when taking photos. The same can be said with selfies. Find a nice spot where there is a good source of light as poor lighting will not produce awesome shots. And don’t stand close to bright light,  as it may fade the colors of your photo. 

The composition of your photos is also important. As a tip, you can follow the rule of thirds. Simply put, it is a type of composition that divides an image into thirds by using horizontal and vertical lines, so that at the end you have nine equal parts, forming a grid. The idea is to place your subject at the intersection of the grid or along its lines. 

Have Fun!

Whether you’re taking a solo selfie or one with friends, make sure to have fun. When you feel happy and good about your smile, it opens up the light in your eyes. This will make your selfies even better in the most natural way. Don’t forget to play with different angles and camera shots. There are several resources about photography techniques on the internet to ace your selfie game. 

Whichever way you want your selfies taken, a smile that exudes confidence is a sign of a beautiful set of healthy teeth. The perfect selfies have a lot to do with the way you feel about your smile. It is never too late to achieve a selfie-ready smile, visit your dentist today to know how clear braces can help you have a straight smile.