Life After Braces- Importance Of Retainers For Post-Brace Aftercare

Life After Braces- Importance Of Retainers For Post-Brace Aftercare

Finally, you’re braces-free!


Orthodontic treatments are not an instant fix. It involves several stages from post-braces evaluation, x-rays, dental checkups, getting the teeth impressions, to actually removing the brace and wearing retainers. With proper care and maintenance, orthodontic treatments can keep your teeth healthy and last a lifetime. 


After you have finished your Invisalign treatment, the orthodontist will prescribe your retainers. This ensures the success of your orthodontic treatment. Without retainers, your teeth may shift back to its previous position.


Naturally, it will be your responsibility to keep your teeth’s alignment after wearing your braces or clear aligners. So when the orthodontist tells you to wear retainers, do it for your own good. 


For some people, retainers may take time getting used to, since it rests on the roof of the mouth and has to be worn throughout the day. Typically, during the first few months, retainers need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day until you are required to wear it on a nightly basis. 


Wearing braces entails commitment and responsibility. Similarly, aftercare also requires the same amount of care. Let us explore more of the importance of retainers in post-braces aftercare. 


Orthodontic Retention Phase


The retention phase starts immediately after your braces are removed. Generally, this phase takes up to a minimum of 6 months. Otherwise called orthodontic contention, the retention phase mitigates unwanted dental shifting to keep the alignment corrections achieved during orthodontic treatment. Some orthodontists even advocate wearing retention for life. 


It is crucial to listen to your orthodontist’s instructions when it concerns the wearing of retainers. Neglecting your dentist’s advice may cause you reversal of your treatment or unwanted changes. It should be noted, however, that retention appliances such as retainers do not correct the teeth’s alignment rather maintain and stabilize it. 


Retainers are insurance


Orthodontic treatments do not come cheap. Plenty of people spend thousands of dollars just to wear their most confident smiles. The sad news is, the time and money that you have invested may go to waste just because you neglected in wearing your retainers. 


The truth is, once there is no more pressure exerted on your teeth, it may go into relapse out of muscle memory. Retainers act as insurance to prevent a relapse. In addition, adults have stronger jawbone and more resilient fibrous attachment on the teeth which poses a greater chance of relapse. 


Maintain A Good Oral Hygiene


Keeping your teeth healthy is important in every stage of your orthodontic treatment. Wearing retainers is just one aspect of maintaining your beautiful, straight and confident smile. Visting your orthodontist regularly is needed to aid in keeping your teeth healthy. Remember to brush at least 3 times a day and avoid foods that may be detrimental to your oral health. Don’t forget to clean your retainers as well before and after wearing them.


Maintaining good oral hygiene is easy once you commit to it. If you’re planning to achieve a flawless and confident smile, you can always talk to the best orthodontists in Dubai at Invisalign Center. Drop by for a consultation today!