Laser Teeth Whitening: All You Need To Know

Laser Teeth Whitening: All You Need To Know

White teeth can boost your confidence. A study even showed that whiter teeth can lead to success at work and in love. This is because people with whiter teeth is seen as more appealing, confident, credible, trustworthy, and financially successful. 

Having whiter teeth can be achieved naturally by maintaining a proper dental hygiene routine. Brushing three times a day impedes the formation of plaque that can stain the teeth. But for other people, who could not care less about their dental hygiene, they should think twice if they want a whiter set of teeth.

There are also other solutions to whiten teeth such as bleaching. However, bleaching treatments may harm the teeth if not handled by professionals. There are also DIY treatments such as whitening strips, gels, baking soda, lemon solution, and more. 

Arguably the most effective and the best teeth whitening treatment by far is Laser Whitening. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the things that you need to know about this popular method of teeth whitening.


What is Laser Teeth Whitening?


This teeth whitening treatment involves the use of lasers to activate the whitening agent, which is a strong gel bleach with a high-level of hydrogen peroxide. The gel is carefully applied to each tooth and is exposed to heath through a laser that will speed up the whitening process that guarantees an improvement of up to 10 shades lighter all under an hour of treatment. 

The results are instant and long-lasting. The treatment also takes out the heavy stains and plaque that cannot be removed otherwise through normal brushing. 


Precautions in Treatment


Since the treatment involves heat and high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, safety precautions are prepared by the dental professional. This is to ensure the patient’s lips, gums, and mouth from harm. 

Rubber dams are used to cover the gums and protect them from the laser that is used for the treatment. Highly-trained dental professionals are only the people who are authorized to perform the treatment, so rest assured it is safe.


Why Choose Laser Whitening?


Having a set of pearly white teeth is something that everyone desires. This is why it is the most effective whitening treatment in the market. Although there are high-heat and a string bleach involved, it is still less damaging since there is no additional equipment that may cause discomfort. 

There are no side effects to laser teeth treatment except the improvement of the color of the teeth. 

While the effects of laser whitening treatments are guaranteed to be long-lasting, the individual’s maintenance plays a pivotal role in making it last even longer. Proper dental hygiene is key to even whiter teeth. Make sure to take care of your oral health by brushing and flossing after every meal.


Consult Your Dentist


Not everyone is a candidate for Laser Whitening Treatment for the teeth, such as patients who have existing dental diseases. Like any other dental treatment, it is best to control and treat any existing dental conditions before going through a certain treatment. 

Evaluations are also done by dentists to ensure that you are a good candidate for the treatment. Your white teeth are just a part of leading a healthier lifestyle. Excellent oral health is a sign of good overall health. 

If you wish to whiten your teeth with guaranteed results, talk to our specialist and have the best pearly white smile you can possibly have.