Invisalign Treatment: General Tips On How To Wear Your Clear Aligners More Comfortably

Invisalign Treatment: General Tips On How To Wear Your Clear Aligners More Comfortably

Patients with overbite, underbite, and crooked teeth conditions get Invisalign treatments to align and position their teeth to the correct state. Orthodontic therapy can benefit you with a healthy and beautiful smile. The process involves using clear braces in teeth to exert force and push the teeth to the correct position. Although Invisalign treatment in Dubai is the most convenient and speedy orthodontic treatment, it is natural to experience discomfort during the first few days. Hence, this article will give you some general tips on how to wear your Invisalign aligners more comfortably.

Chewing Exercises

Once your clear braces set is in your mouth, you may realize that it does not entirely fit with your current teeth placement. To adjust with the new aligner, start working on moving the teeth game by using orthodontic chews.

These small, soft chewies can help your teeth mold to the aligners while reducing pain and discomfort in your gums. The chews can massage your gums, promote rich blood flow to your mouth, and keep them healthy.

Use Pain Relievers

With the force exerted to your teeth and jaws, many patients will experience pain and discomfort. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be helpful in your first few days to get rid of this problem.

It is recommended to apply aligners before sleep for the first time to prevent discomfort. You can take a mild pain reliever and go to sleep on your first day, and your aligners will be a comfortable fit by the next morning.

Orthodontic Wax

This is a clear silicone wax that is used for treatments in orthodontics. The wax can prevent and help reduce inflammation in your gums, tongue, and lips where aligner edges are located. 

Apply a small strip of wax along the gum line focusing on your aligners’ edges to potentially prevent irritation of gums.

Moisturizing spray

Braces in the mouth all day can cause dry mouth conditions, especially with the restriction of not using other beverages (except water) with your aligners on. This can be beneficial for patients who engage in public speaking, speeches, and business meetings.

These orthodontic moisturizing sprays can lubricate your mouth for hours while keeping your comfort. It can rest in between your cheeks and gums while moistening your mouth throughout the day.

If you plan to get Invisalign Treatment Dubai for teeth corrections, try these tips to start your journey more comfortable. Apart from this, you can avoid warm and hard foods and eat soft foods as Invisalign trays can make your gums more sensitive. You can also take your oral hygiene to the next level and practice more brushing and flossing activities while including an antibacterial mouthwash in your routine. All these can benefit for a comfortable journey throughout the 6-12 months of your orthodontic treatment. You can visit the Invisalign Center to obtain high-quality clear braces for your treatment. Our professionals are happy to answer all your concerns and questions on Invisalign treatments.