Invisalign Treatment: Correct Your Bite With Clear Aligners

Invisalign Treatment: Correct Your Bite With Clear Aligners

The Invisalign aligners can provide effective treatment for a myriad of teeth issues and complications, which also include problems concerning your bite. The alignments of both your jaws are important for your teeth to be able to perform their functions in the most optimal manner possible.

 Any changes in the positions deviate your teeth from chewing food as well as speaking with clear enunciation and pronunciation. In the following ways, your Invisalign treatment addresses various bite concerns effectively, the details of which are mentioned below for your reference. 


You are diagnosed with an underbite when the lower jaw of teeth are protruding and are further forward than your upper jaw of teeth. Depending on the degree of outward growth of your lower jaw, invisible braces can be used alone or in combination with other types of treatments and interventions. 

The aligners in particular, correct in the aligning of the teeth by moving the position of each tooth to align with the other jaw of teeth. If the lower jaw is overly extended forward, then other contraptions are used to push the jaw inward, or surgery can be performed by an orthodontist wherein the jaw bone is reduced in length for a better bite and clarity when speaking. 


An overbite occurs when the upper jaw of teeth is extended forward more further than your lower jaw of teeth. Having a slight degree of overbite is expected in most individuals and is considered normal and is also ideal, eliminating the need for a serious intervention. However, in some cases, the upper jaw is extended to a greater degree which induces severe jaw and teeth pain due to the misalignment. 

When such a case is found, your orthodontist will recommend getting Invisalign in addition to other types of treatment that can cure these severe misalignments. Also commonly known as deep bites, an overbite can be reduced and treated using the Invisalign aligners for a perfect bite as well as speech.  


Having a crossbite entails that on one or both sides of your jaw, your teeth are not placed properly against the other jaw due to an underbite at one end and overbite at the other. This leads to the grinding of your teeth and slow wear away which can reduce their longevity if not corrected at the earlier stages. A lopsided jaw can also result from such a crossbite if aligners are not installed on our teeth. 

Clear aligners provide maximum efficiency and efficacy in such cases where the crossbite is limited in severity as your teeth are provided with a sufficient amount of force to move their positions. Once they are in the right placement, retainers can be worn to ensure that the results last for a long time. 

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth that are not aligned can be easily corrected with the help of clear aligners. Invisalign is best known to treat such issues and straighten your teeth completely without the use of other methods or interventions. 

Each tooth can be moved to the expected position with each set of aligners that are assigned at once every two weeks for quick and effective results. Your treatment plan will be determined by your orthodontist by taking into consideration the various factors that affect your bite. 

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