Invisalign Technique vs Traditional Braces: Which One Should You Choose?

Invisalign Technique vs Traditional Braces: Which One Should You Choose?

Difference Between Invisalign And Braces

Invisalign and traditional braces are designed to serve the same purpose; straightening your teeth and improving the overall health of your oral cavity. Braces, in particular, are metal brackets that are glued to your teeth with an adhesive and are each linked together with metal wires and rubber bands. As compared to Invisalign, braces take a drastically longer period of time to give noticeable results. On average, metal braces take up to 2 years. 

On the other hand, Invisalign’s whole purpose is to give you the comfort of a much faster and effective treatment. It is made with a clear plastic material that makes it both pleasant and comfortable for the wearer as well as to the seer. 

Why Choose Invisalign?

Safety And Comfort: Invisalign is designed with the purpose of providing a comfortable and invisible alternative to braces. It makes a perfect option for people who are looking to avoid metal braces due to the psychological and physical discomfort associated with the contrasting appearance of the metal wires. 

Invisalign is also a popular alternative amongst patients seeking orthodontic treatments as the aligners are removable at the user’s convenience. You can remove them before brushing your teeth and even before you take a meal. 

1. Technological Advantage: Unlike traditional braces where the orthodontist would need to take an impression of every surface of your teeth, which is a daunting experience for most; only a sample of your teeth arrangement is taken using a digital scan that is completely non-intrusive.

2. Important For Confidence: Invisalign is perfect for people who struggle with their self-confidence. Due to the clear material, Invisalign aligners do not contribute to people’s insecurity about their smile, while fixing their teeth for a flawless grin. 

Why Choose Braces?

1. Digestion: Braces can fix your misaligned teeth and help you chew food better. This way, you will be able to grind and break down large bites into smaller pieces that make it easier and efficient for the rest of your digestive system to continue the process. 

2. Jawbone Erosion: If your teeth are widely spaced apart, it can give way to a bacterial infection that causes an eventual erosion of your jawbone. Braces can fix your misaligned teeth and stop jawbone erosion from eventually occurring. 

3. Oral Health: Braces prevent misaligned teeth from damaging gums and other parts of your mouth. Therefore, it is a slow yet effective mechanism to keep your oral condition impeccable.

4. Speech Problems: Misaligned teeth sometimes contribute to speech problems such as difficulty in pronouncing some letters and words. Braces can fix that and make it possible to improve your speech patterns. 

The Best Option For You

As you begin to consider treating your misalignments and other dental issues, it is essential to review all possible options and thoroughly assess the one that fits you the best. Reliability, time efficiency, and comfort are important factors to evaluate with the assistance of your trusted medical expert.

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