Invisalign Clear Aligners: Not Just A Treatment But A Means Of Lifestyle Improvement

Invisalign Clear Aligners: Not Just A Treatment But A Means Of Lifestyle Improvement

The Invisalign system works using the latest technology to align malocclusions and improve people’s smiles and lives. With a better smile, individuals can have the confidence to form better relationships and achieve more in life.

Undergoing the Invisalign treatment needs commitment and diligence to achieve the best results. Meaning, individuals who wear Invisible clear aligners must maintain good oral hygiene. This entails making adjustments or improvements in their current lifestyle.  

Definitely, with the Invisalign treatment’s help, several peoples’ lives have been transformed for the better, including developing a conscious effort to improve their oral health. Let us go through a few changes that patients can expect as they transform their lives after the  Invisalign treatment.

Better Facial Features 

There are countless success stories when it comes to the Invisalign system, especially regarding improved facial structure. Patients who previously suffered from malocclusions have seen an improvement in their facial features after their Invisalign treatment. This branch of orthodontics is called Dentofacial Orthopedics. This is concerned with achieving a balanced facial structure by moving the teeth into a new and better alignment. 

Enhanced Function 

With straighter teeth, individuals can chew better, speak more comfortably, and breathe easier. Individuals who suffer from malocclusion also experience digestive problems, most commonly indigestion. This is due to their inability to chew properly and break down food into smaller chunks. Besides indigestion, overlapping and misaligned teeth can cause sleep apnea. Overcrowded teeth can lead to difficulty in breathing as it causes blockage in the airway leading to sleep apnea. 

Improved Oral Hygiene Habits

As you plan on beginning the Invisalign treatment and improving the alignment and health of your teeth, now is the time to reconsider your hygiene practices. These invisible braces encourage you to practice good oral hygiene regularly by expecting more frequent brushing and flossing. This is in addition to using a mouthwash and tongue cleaner that are both essentials for maintaining top oral health hygiene. By getting used to a rigorous routine, you improve your oral health habits and keep gum diseases and tooth decay at bay. 

Retainers Are Your New Best Friend

When your Invisalign treatment reaches its end, you are responsible for maintaining the appearance of your new straight teeth and retainers can help you along the way. These are worn for the most part of your day, especially during the initial months until gradually the wear time is reduced to only while sleeping at night. As you use them on a daily basis, it is essential to take care of your retainers and replace them as soon as possible when you lose or damage them. Failure to wear retainers may result in your teeth returning to their original position over time. 

Make sure to follow your healthcare provider’s instructions even after your Invisalign treatment is over. This will ensure you get the most out of your orthodontic treatment. If you wish to learn more about the amazing benefits of the Invisalign system, talk to our specialists at the Invisalign Center today.