Invisalign And Boxing: How These Two Can Go Hand In Hand With One Another

Invisalign And Boxing: How These Two Can Go Hand In Hand With One Another

Contact sports like boxing involve different kinds of physical activities that demand protective equipment. There are several precautions to take before entering the ring. You have to make sure you remove your glasses, contacts, and other accessories, to avoid injuries and protect yourself from harm. Surprisingly, invisible braces can be used with fitness boxing, but this has to be done with care. 

Physical Activities With Braces On

You can wear your clear aligners while participating in different sports activities. The invisible braces do not hinder or inhibit you from engaging in sports such as gymnastics, cycling, basketball, and fitness boxing. Numerous sports activities differ based on intensity, contact levels, and risks to the mouth area. Avoid the sports that may involve contact with the mouth, to prevent any possible injury. 

You can freely engage in sports with little contact, as there is no risk to the mouth area. Fitness boxing is a great aerobic exercise involving adapted movements of boxing as an exercise routine. There is no heavy punching or kicking involved, and this makes it an ideal option for athletes with clear aligners. 

Exercise Precautions At All Times

You have to maintain all the precautionary measures while engaging in any type of contact sports with aligners. You do not have to worry much while practicing grappling-based martial arts, as this does not involve a lot of movements that may land on your face or your mouth. 

However, martial arts with strikes and kicks have to be performed carefully. Fitness boxing is a sport, which involves a lot of hits and jabs to the face. Make sure to be aware of the different exercises you put yourself in, and inform the coach and your opponent about your medical condition before starting the session. 

Minimize Your Sparring Sessions And Communicate With Your Trainer

Avoid sparring or hits to the jaw during your treatment. A punch on your jaw, mouth, or face could dislocate the aligners, hurt your teeth, and potentially break it. Boxing is based on muscle memory, so your opponent may not be able to withdraw while striking. Patiently carry on with other kinds of training if you cannot carefully practice with an opponent.

It is vital to inform your coach and opponent about your ongoing treatment; this will allow them to tread safely and make appropriate moves. Your coach can also help you practice a particular fighting style during treatment. It is best to participate in individual drills and practice sessions throughout this period. 

Removal Of Aligners

It is not advisable to remove your clear aligners unless necessary. Do not remove your braces unless you are eating or wearing a mouthguard, especially when you are in training. 

Training can last a while, and a hit to the jaw or face during this period can negatively affect any progress with your aligners. A mouth injury can also interrupt the treatment process and even cancel the beneficial effects of the invisible braces.

Patience will help you accomplish the ideal smile. Communicate with the best orthodontist about the do’s and don’ts while wearing clear aligners. We have experts in the field of dental health specializing in different areas of dentistry. Book an appointment to resolve your dental problems.