Increasing Durability: How To Prevent Your Invisalign Aligners From Breaking

Increasing Durability: How To Prevent Your Invisalign Aligners From Breaking

The popular Invisalign treatment helps to correct dental malocclusions such as gaps, crowding, and even certain jaw problems through its advanced make and technology usage. The solution has benefited many people in the attributes of oral health as well as overall appearance. Throughout the process, the invisible braces are changed in 2 weeks intervals to help your teeth adapt to the new alignment at the earliest. 

While orthodontists advise taking proper care of these clear trays, unforeseen circumstances and improper practices can damage your aligners during their wear. Let’s take a look at the guidelines and proper practices to increase the durability of your aligners and prevent them from breaking.

About Invisible Aligners

The traditional bracing methods cannot be removed and are much uncomfortable to the wearer with wires and bands all over the mouth, which often leads to problems during the cleaning. Unlike these conventional methods, advanced treatment of invisible aligners helps people fix their teeth more comfortably with its transparent structure, easy maintenance, and removable feature when needed.

During your teeth straightening process, orthodontists advise putting on the braces for a minimum of 22 hours a day. Removal is encouraged only during, eating or drinking, and for the purposes of cleaning them. It is advised to be alert and on the clock with meal times so as to adhere to the time requirements.

The orthodontic treatment usually lasts for 6-12 months, which is considerably less time than traditional methods. The aligners help to position the teeth accordingly and improve bite patterns, reducing the risk of periodontal diseases.

How To Increase Durability

It is crucial to pay extra attention to your invisible braces to avoid possible damages or breakages. The cracks or deformations will harm your dental progression and also be a source of discomfort. You may require to change to a new set of aligners that can put a delay to your treatment period.

Invisible aligners are tough and made for everyday use and hence a crack or damage must be a signal that you are following the wrong habits that inevitably have a negative impact on your treatment. Given below are a few practices that you can avoid to prevent your aligners from getting defaced.

Take them out before meals – Although people think that it is acceptable to grab a quick bite with their aligners, orthodontists stress enough on the fact that they must be removed prior to consuming any foods or drinks, besides water. It is vital to understand that the braces are not made to handle the pressure that comes with chewing and grinding food and hence the aligners need to be removed even when snacking.

Remove the aligners correctly – The process of removing and placing your aligners correctly can be challenging especially amongst new users. Always start from the back and gradually move to the front when you remove them. You should also not remove them too quickly as the unintentional stress can break them.

Follow the timeline – You must not be in a hurry to change your invisible braces and should always go as per the instruction of your orthodontist. Changing the trays quickly may cause discomfort as your teeth are not yet completely adjusted to their new position. The standard timeline set by your doctor that could be between 1-2 weeks must be followed as recommended.

Be gentle with them – Clean your aligners as per the instructions given and do not try to apply excessive pressure on them by using hard brushes. Always use your aligner case provided to keep them safe and clean. Avoid placing them on tissues or elsewhere as they can accidentally break given that they are clear and hard to notice otherwise.

These practices will help to prevent your aligners from breaking and putting a temporary hold on the process of your orthodontic treatment. Be sure to inform your orthodontist if cracks occur often if you find any source of discomfort or other problems in your invisible braces. Contact or visit us at the Invisalign Center, the best Invisalign treatment provider in Dubai for solutions to all your orthodontic problems.