How Do Virtually Invisible Aligners Work To Straighten Your Teeth?

How Do Virtually Invisible Aligners Work To Straighten Your Teeth?

Who would not want to have a set of beautiful and straight teeth? While some are lucky to be born with perfectly straight teeth, others seek the help of an orthodontist to achieve a camera-ready smile.  

Braces For Straighter Teeth

Braces are still the go-to option for many individuals who’d  like to have straighter teeth. When you think about braces, you may immediately imagine a set of metal brackets with colorful bands. However, there are also other kinds of braces apart from the traditional metal ones.

There are the ceramic braces that are less noticeable than metal ones since they blend with the teeth. Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth making it invisible, but it can irritate the tongue. As with all metal braces, the wiring and constant adjusting can be uncomfortable and time consuming. 

Finally, there are the invisible aligners, otherwise also called invisible braces. Technically, aligners are removable trays made of semi-flexible plastic. It is  a less painful procedure than traditional braces. Invisalign clear aligners have been around as a system the longest and are considered the best and most sought after invisible braces today by many doctors and patients. Aligners could be referred to as the digital version of orthodontia and metal braces could be referred to as the analog version – just to put things in a different comparative example. How does it work? Let’s find out how. 

How Do I Get Invisalign Clear Aligners?

The first step of getting Invisalign invisible braces is by consulting with your dental professional. Your overall oral health is assessed, and an impression of your teeth is taken. In such cases where a specific dental treatment needs to be done (for example a root canal), the dentist may advise on getting it done first before proceeding with anInvisalign treatment.

 A common question that patients ask is about wisdom tooth extraction. It is important to note that the conditions of wisdom tooth extraction vary from person to person. You have to seek the advice of your dentist when it comes to this matter. However, the Invisalign system works with, or without your wisdom teeth. Removing them is purely a dental matter and not an orthodontic one.  

How Does Invisalign Work?

Based on the impression taken from your teeth, a treatment plan is worked on by the treating doctor, of which the results would be the manufacturing of a series of clear aligners that will move your teeth one stage at a time. Traditional metal braces use wires to adjust the patient’s bite if needed. The Invisalign system eliminates the need for metal wires and uses a series of  trays, or aligners, that push the teeth into a desirable position when worn. 

Invisalign clear aligners are removable and do not get in the way of enjoying your favorite food, participating in your favorite activities and sports, unlike traditional braces which have more limitations. During the first few weeks of using the Invisalign system, you may feel discomfort as your mouth gets used to the aligners. 

Expect to receive different sets of aligners depending on the progress you have made with the treatment. In general, Invisalign clear aligners take less time than traditional metal braces, meaning you get a straighter smile in less time. 

Once you have started your Invisalign treatment, it is crucial to follow the instructions provided by your dental professional. You should also keep proper oral hygiene and clean your aligners regularly.