How Can The Invisalign System Accommodate For Changes That Come With Age

How Can The Invisalign System Accommodate For Changes That Come With Age

Millions of people worldwide have benefitted from the Invisalign system. Through this advanced orthodontic treatment, the teeth are gradually aligned at the desired position. The treatment lasts from 6-18 months, with noticeable results in just a matter of weeks.

During the treatment, you will continuously change aligners every two weeks. And depending on your case, your orthodontist may suggest Invisalign attachments as needed. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as part of your treatment plan, to help you track the progress of your treatment. 

The internet is full of questions concerning the effectiveness of the Invisalign treatment, and one of them is regarding the ideal age to get it done. As with any other orthodontic procedures, patients often hesitate if their teen is too young or if they are too old to have the Invisalign clear aligners. 

Invisalign Works For All Age Groups

Invisalign treatment can accommodate different age groups with varying orthodontic issues. Once a patient’s adult teeth emerge, they can go through with the consultation and later on with the treatment.  Invisalign treatment requires staying committed. Ultimately, Invisalign clear aligners are available for any age group; including teens, and adults. It is recommended to consult an expert healthcare provider for any questions or concerns you may have with the treatment.

Invisalign For Children and Teens

Under the guidance and the watchful eye of an orthodontist, children ages six to ten can go through the treatment. The Invisalign system for growing children is designed to address dental issues from simple to complex misalignment, crowding, and teeth spacing gently and comfortably. These clear aligners also help young adults develop better oral hygiene.

The adolescent years are often regarded as the ideal time to get orthodontic treatment done since their bone have the right density, making it easier for the teeth to change its position. And your teen can benefit from the Invisalign system in many ways. Before, some teens have to endure discomfort while wearing traditional metal braces. As metal braces are noticeable and stick out, young adults become conscious of their appearance which affects their self-esteem. Invisalign clear aligners are discreet and barely noticeable, making it the perfect solution for teens. 

Invisalign For Adults

No one is too old for the Invisalign treatment. Contrary to popular belief, bone density determines if you’re the right candidate for the procedure and not age. As we get older, we lose bone density, so it is essential to maintain your bone health if you are thinking of getting Invisalign clear aligners as an adult. 

Adults who have low bone densities may have difficulty in undergoing the treatment or be advised against it. In addition, the Invisalign system may last for a longer time for Adults. However, this also means they are less likely to experience issues with the teeth reverting to its original position. 

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