How Being A “Perfect Patient” Can Increase The Efficiency Of Your Invisalign Treatment

How Being A “Perfect Patient” Can Increase The Efficiency Of Your Invisalign Treatment

The advanced treatment of Invisalign is popular amongst dentists and users across the world given its efficiency over other traditional orthodontic treatments. These invisible braces are easy to use, maintain, and usually render results within a 12-month’ time frame. 

The technology benefits in correcting dental malocclusions like crowded or spaced out teeth to enhance the overall appearance of a person. The article below discusses how to be a perfect patient by detailing the correct practices that must be followed to help increase the efficiency of your Invisalign treatment.

The Rewarding Treatment Process

Conventional orthodontic treatments make maintaining dental hygiene a definite challenge while also aesthetically affecting their appearance. The Invisalign treatments have solutions for all these problems with the invisible braces that are transparent in appearance and can be easily removed, as and when required.

The clear set of braces are easy to maintain and need to be changed every 1-2 weeks as per your doctor’s recommendation. The treatment usually lasts for 6-12 months depending on the teeth condition and results in delivering straightened teeth that ultimately produces a beautiful smile.

Achieving Optimal Efficiency

Unless your teeth condition is poor and requires a lot of adjustments and combination procedures, the treatment should end as predicted within the expected time frame. Some may not see any significant results even after the treatment is initiated which can be due to improper practices they follow or problems in their aligners. 

Given below are a few factors behind these causes and help highlight the ways in which you can increase the efficiency of your Invisalign treatment.

Use attachments – A patient can get attachments or buttons to speed up the process of Invisalign treatment. These plastic composite bumps exert more pressure on the teeth to move them at a faster pace to achieve the apt alignment. Your Invisalign specialist will install the attachment after evaluating the severity of your misalignment.

Oral hygiene –  An adequate amount of brushing and flossing is essential to keep up with the process. It is necessary to clean the teeth after each meal to avoid food particles and debris getting stuck with the aligners as it can lead to plaque formation and dental caries. When this happens your orthodontist may have to introduce delays in your Invisalign treatment in order to treat the new condition.

Use Accelerators – Certain devices can help create micro-vibrations in the mouth and help accelerate teeth movement to the desired position. You can ask your orthodontist about this pulse technology that is painless and easy to use.

Time frame – This is the most crucial part of the whole program. It is essential to stick to the time frame for wear which must be 22 hours each day to obtain accurate results from the treatment. Frequent removals and not adhering to the time limits can impact progress and ultimately give unsatisfactory final results.

Be gentle with your aligners – Most people forget they have put on aligners once they get used to it. This can involuntarily lead them to binge eat snacks and drinks while still having the aligners on your teeth. The clear trays are not designed to hold the pressure of chewing and can break or crack in these situations and will consequently not allow for the aligners to apply the needed pressure on your teeth. This will ultimately slow down the treatment time as the sudden damage will hold your progress until you obtain another pair.

If you follow the orthodontist guidelines and religiously adhere to them, obtaining an increased efficiency in your Invisalignment treatment is a definite possibility. You can then welcome your brand new and perfect smile at the earliest. 

At the Invisalign Center, you can receive a personalized consultation and treatment plan from our experts who are well-experienced in the field. The advanced 3D software used by our team of doctors will enable you to see the planned treatment with the final result even before starting the process. Contact us now to book your next dental appointment to help create and maintain a healthy and confident smile.