Get To Know The State-Of-The-Art Technology Behind The Invisalign Treatment

Get To Know The State-Of-The-Art Technology Behind The Invisalign Treatment

Correction of dental malocclusions is often considered a discomforting and painful process with the traditional methods that causes unpleasant experiences to patients. Orthodontic treatments have been revolutionized with technology and made it a comfortable meet for anyone who needs it. Invisalign treatment is one such method that is often used to correct crooked and spaced teeth. The 3D technology used in Invisalign has made it more convenient for all consumers. This article will discuss this technology and its benefits to your journey of teeth alteration.

How Does Invisalign work?

The teeth fixing process uses clear plastic aligners to improve the gaps or move teeth by exerting pressure. Invisalign treatment takes between 20-40 aligner sets that usually replace every two weeks with more tightness than the previous one.

The gradual procedure will make your teeth slightly straighter than the last time you change your aligners and finally reach the ultimate destination. The clear plastic will make them completely unnoticeable, making it more comfortable for the wearer.

The State-Of-Art- Computer Technology

Invisalign’s technology is revolutionized with the 3D scanning methods to get more accurate results from your treatment. Once you visit the dental clinic, your doctor uses a small optical wand to scan the inside of your mouth and teeth.

The process is incredibly swift, and you can breathe and swallow during the scanning without making any impact on the procedure. Orthodontists state that it can even be paused in the middle due to any external requirement if needed. 

This smooth transition of scanning is more comfortable, convenient, and safe than the traditional use of putty impressions. A re-do is not required, and you can continue with your day without having to wait for more extended periods or come back to the dental clinic to do it over again.

Once the scanning is completed, a 3D model is used to create the invisible dental braces. The most popular feature and advantage of this technology is the computer’s ability to create these models in a few minutes to see the final result of your treatment plan during the first visit.

Benefits Throughout The Process

Computer technology helps the orthodontist thoroughly explain each stage of the treatment process, making it more precise and understandable. You will also be motivated and excited to give your opt investment to employ correct practices and achieve the digital smile shown to you at the dental clinic.

Time is another factor of popularity in Invisalign treatments. Speedy scanning, fewer dental visits, short treatment time are some extensive features of these clear braces and make the use ideal for anyone with tight schedules.

Physical and mental comforts are other top-notch features of clear aligners. The braces can be removed at any time and do not cause any discomfort like the traditional braces with wires and brackets. The transparency and the ability to remove when required, especially on a special occasion, make you feel more comfortable undergoing the treatment process.

The conventional teeth fixing methods can often cause dental caries or gum diseases due to difficulty in cleaning with the tenured braces consisting of metals and wires. Food particles and debris can often get stuck in these and result in plaque formation and cause decay in teeth. With Invisalign, cleaning is not a problem and can be performed comprehensively.

The all-inclusive process of Invisalign treatment is in the top list of orthodontics and can help you achieve excellent oral health and a beautiful smile to enjoy forever. At Invisalign Center Dubai, you can obtain this latest 3D technology treatment along with personalized support from our highly skilled team of doctors.