FAQs Answered: How Long Do You Need To Wear Retainers For And Why?

FAQs Answered: How Long Do You Need To Wear Retainers For And Why?

Teeth malocclusions are often treated with different methods such as braces, bonding, surgeries amongst many more techniques. The Invisalign treatment is a popular and advanced process that is used to fix misalignments, spaces, bite issues present in the teeth. The process usually takes from 6-12 months depending on the dental condition of each individual. 

After completing any teeth straightening procedure such as traditional, lingual, or conventional braces to maintain the achieved progress, it is necessary to wear retainers. The Invisalign treatment is no exception to the rule. The duration of using these retainers however varies and it is advised by your orthodontist after taking into account several factors. 

In this article, we will answer the most frequently asked questions of how long do you need to wear retainers and the reason for the application.

The Purpose Of Retainers

After resolving the dental malocclusion, it is essential to ensure your teeth stay in the new position they have been moved into. Following the removal of your invisible braces used in the Invisalign treatment, the teeth can still change positions when you start to eat, chew and bite without your trays. To prevent this condition, retainers are used ensuring the relapse of teeth does not occur if present only minimal.

Repositioning teeth always requires time and the retainers can help your bones and soft tissues to adjust to the new positions in the absence of braces. It also prevents the possibility of teeth moving back to their previous state and position, especially if you had severe spacing issues and misalignments as they require a longer time to stabilize than the usual period.

This is also essential for teenagers in order to provide them with sufficient spacing for wisdom teeth. Retainers can help to maintain the required amount of space in the jaw for wisdom teeth that will eventually rise while also preventing teeth from becoming crooked. The correct placement is crucial as overcrowding can lead to dental caries, gingivitis (gum diseases), and even grow into a sac in the jawbone creating a cyst.

The Timeline Of Retainer Wear And Benefits

The first three months after the Invisalign treatment is crucial as in the absence of the aligners, the consistent pressure is no longer present on your teeth to protect the realigned shape. Similar to your previous experience with invisible braces, you can take off your retainers only when you eat, drink, or clean your mouth.

Although the time duration substantially relates to your teeth condition, most people start to wear the retainers only at night following the 3 months where they are expected to be worn the whole time. In order to maintain the position of the teeth, it is usually recommended to never fully stop wearing them. However, if you have smaller corrections or are a teenager then the need for retainers will eventually go away after 10 years.

Retainers can also benefit you with speech impediments by adjusting the tongue placement and further guide the mouth with the correct pronunciation. It will also improve your bite after the teeth correction and make sure that the teeth do not crowd or shift back to their place. And most importantly, it will preserve your recently acquired beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Retainers are required to be maintained properly and need to be changed accordingly if your orthodontist advises you to wear them for a longer period of time. It is essential to have regular visits to your dental clinic to ensure your oral hygiene is in good condition as well as your retainers.

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