Dental Innovation: How Technology Helps Your Invisalign Treatment

Dental Innovation: How Technology Helps Your Invisalign Treatment

There are about 8 million smiles worldwide that have been changed by Invisalign. Thanks to this innovation in orthodontics, individuals are given a chance to have better smiles without having to go through the discomfort that traditional braces are often associated with.

Traditional metal braces are made with brackets that may irritate the gums and other parts of the mouth.  Metal braces are also more visible, making individuals self-conscious about their looks while wearing braces.  Although there are alternatives such as ceramic and lingual braces that aren’t that noticeable, these do not provide the same level of comfort and convenience that Invisalign clear aligners do. 

By using the Invisaliogn clear aligners, individuals don’t need much lifestyle change compared to  what’s needed when wearing traditional braces. For instance, there are relatively no food restrictions when wearing Invisalign aligners apart from the foods that are actually harmful to the teeth. 

Invisalign clear aligners are simple looking and pretty straightforward in their functionality- wear it for a prescribed period, and you’ll have a set of aligned teeth in a matter of months (depending on the actual severity of the treatment). However, there’s a whole science behind the invisalign aligners that people have trusted over the past twenty years. 

It Uses The Latest Smart Track(r) Technology 

Invisalign clear aligners are made of the latest material specifically developed for orthodontic treatments adding extra comfort and better delivery of forces to achieve the right results. The SmartTrack material that’s made exclusively for Invisalign aligners is a patented technologically advanced multi-layer polymer. This material delivers a smoother orthodontic treatment using a constant yet gentle force that effectively predicts the  tooth movements while using Invisalign clear aligners. This material also corresponds better to the patient’s tooth morphology versus other aligner materials. 

The iTero Element® Scanner

This technology behind the makers of Invisalign takes a full scan of the teeth without the need for impressions. This digital scanner is more accurate, comfortable, and has a built-in software that can simulate the look of your teeth post-Invisalign treatment. The scanner takes as many as 6,000 images per second and if needed could be used to track your Invisalign treatment progress. 

ClinCheck® software

To create the initial treatment plan and afterwards track the progress of your teeth transformation, the Invisalign aligner makers utilize the ClinCheck software to map out the development of your Invisalign treatment stage by stage. From the smallest change of your teeth’s position right up to your final desired aligned smile. The software includes an algorithm that accurately calculates the right force needed to effectively move the teeth in relation to all other teeth and to your desired outcome. ClinCheck ensures that the Invisalign treatment is on the right track. 

SmartForce® Attachments

For treatments that need a more complex movement or adjustments, SmartForce attachments are often used. These are tiny tooth-colored attachments that are placed on the teeth prior to, or during, an individual’s Invisalign treatment. These attachments provide the extra reinforcement for the aligners to push or pull on. It is important to note, however, that it is not necessary for all patients to have smartforce attachments with their Invisalign clear aligners. 

Final Words

These dental innovations make up the science of Invisalign treatment. Together, it makes the procedure more effective and personalized. For more information on what goes into an Invisalign treatment and the technology that makes it effective, please reach out to our experts at The Invisalign Center today. Get straighter teeth faster minus the inconvenience and discomfort of traditional metal braces.