The Dangers Of Mail-Order Dental Aligners: Understanding The Risks Of DIY Orthodontics

The Dangers Of Mail-Order Dental Aligners: Understanding The Risks Of DIY Orthodontics

One can almost find anything on the internet, from recipes, lyrics of your favorite song, academic articles, online shopping, to DIY projects. Though some information on the internet may not be reliable, people still turn to the world wide web for everything- and everything includes dental care. 

There are several dental care tips that one can get from surfing the internet. Unsurprisingly, this includes DIY Orthodontics such as traditional and clear braces. While it’s true that clear braces such as Invisalign aligners are not cheap, it still is safer and more effective than DIY braces.  

Today, mail-order aligners are becoming a thing since it’s marketed as a cheaper alternative that’s just as effective as getting a proper aligner from an Orthodontist. However, there are many risks not just in getting mail-order aligners but to DIY orthodontics as well. Let’s examine and understand the dangers that these methods pose to patients looking to get their best smiles.


What are Mail-Order Aligners?

Mail-order aligners are advertised as an effective, and cheap alternative to otherwise expensive clear braces like Invisalign treatment. Its accessibility makes it possible for people anywhere to get a hold of it. 

The process is simple. It includes sending an impression of one’s teeth which could be done by visiting either a dental clinic or using a DIY impression kit.

 After sending your teeth impression to the supposed laboratory, an aligner is sent back with detailed instructions to follow. Other than being inexpensive, the process may seem convenient since it does not include visitations and consultation with an Orthodontist. 


Why DIY Orthodontics is Unadvisable?

Though tempting, DIY Orthodontics poses a lot of risks. Before getting into details about these risks, let us zero in with the factors that make DIY Orthodontics unadvisable.


  • It doesn’t involve consultations


      • Consultations are essential for any dental treatment, most especially for orthodontic procedures like clear braces. Aligners may not be right for everyone, this is an important aspect of consultation. You may be at risk of complications once you go through with the treatment.


  • Your clear braces may not be the right fit


      • Receiving your aligners via mail rather than having to try them on in a clinic, will give you the risk of getting aligners that won’t fit. If this happens, you may incur more expense in the future


  • May cost more in the long run


    • The reason why Mail-order aligners or clear braces are appealing is because of its low cost. Ironically, it may cost you far more money once problems arise such as improper alignment or damage.


What are the risks?

Orthodontic treatment should always be administered by a qualified professional. This is to minimize risks and provide support throughout the whole process. Personal evaluation through face-to-face consultation will enable orthodontists to specify treatments for each patient.

  • Improper treatment may cost a lot of money to correct and in most cases, irreversible. 
  • Misalignment of bite
  • Loss of teeth and gum damage
  • Untreated cavities and infection
  • Jaw bone damage


There are certain conditions that aligners alone cannot fix. This is why orthodontists play a huge role in the whole process of treatment. If you care about your oral health, DIY orthodontics should never become an option.  If you are living in the UAE and are planning to undergo orthodontic treatment, you can always visit us at Dental Couture for a consultation, and get your clear braces in Dubai for your first step to having a better smile.