Complete, Daily Clinic Sanitization For Your Peace Of Mind

Complete, Daily Clinic Sanitization For Your Peace Of Mind

How Do We Do It?

At Invisalign Center, we make sure to place the safety of our patients and staff as a priority. Therefore, we observe due care in maintaining a safe environment. We do this through daily sterilization of our facilities. It curbs the spread of infectious diseases that can place our patients and staff at risk. 

These are the healthy measures we take to keep any infection and diseases at bay. We have been doing these practices every day even before the global pandemic. 

Regular Sterilization – Following stringent protocols on sterilizing all dental instruments and handpieces, our staff makes sure that all pieces of dental equipment are maintained and sterilized immediately after every use. Utilizing biological indicators, we ensure that the high-pressure steam autoclaves used for sterilization are accurate and in top quality.

Surface Disinfection – We only use top medical-grade and safe-to-use disinfectants when cleaning all surfaces such as tabletops, counters, dental chairs, machine buttons, wall switches, stools, doorknobs, handles and any other surfaces inside the clinic. This is done regularly after every patient. 

Complete PPE – Complying with DHA standards, all of our staff wear complete Personal Protective Equipment or PPE. This includes face masks, gloves, medical scrubs, eye and face shields, and lab gowns to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and exposure that may lead to infection. 

Single-Use Items – We make sure to discard each disposable items such as needles, gloves and masks. Rest assured that we do not use any single-use items more than once. 

Impermeable Surface Barriers – On all our clinical surfaces, we apply disposable and extra-duty surface barriers to previously sanitized surfaces to prevent contamination. These include wall switches and handles on lighting equipment. 

Frequent Hand Wash And Sanitation – Maintaining proper hygiene including hand sanitation through hand washing are essential. Our staff are well trained in maintaining hygiene to prevent contamination and infection. We utilize medical-grade antimicrobial soap, rubbing alcohol, and hand sanitizers before and after treatment. 

Regular Maintenance Of Medical Equipment – Complying to standard regulations, we conduct regular maintenance of all our medical equipment and dental instruments to ensure their efficacy and safety.

Appropriate Disposal OF Waste

We strictly adhere to medical standards in disposing of biomedical waste from treatments such as saliva-soaked materials including swabs. 

Mandatory Preprocedural Mouthwash 

To prevent the spread of microbes in the form of aerosols and spatter, all our patients are required to rinse their mouths using antimicrobial mouthwash before every procedure/ treatment.

Waterpipe Maintenance And Regular Check

Our staff regularly maintains the waterpipes/ waterlines on all our dental chairs to prevent contamination. We make sure that all waterlines are flushed and sterilized after each treatment. 

Sanitized HVAC And Proper Ventilation

To reduce the concentration of airborne microbes and contaminants, our clinic is well-ventilated and we employ air purification to maintain indoor air quality.

Hygienic Rubber Dams

To reduce exposure and contamination, we use sanitized and hygienic rubber dams on all our treatments. This also prevents dental aspirations and accidental lacerations. 

Utilization of HVE systems

We use high-velocity evacuation systems to minimize the spread of spatter, aerosols and droplets that can cause contamination. 

Standard Sanitization Of Communal Areas 

We clean and disinfect all surfaces of communal areas on a regular basis. These include reception areas, washroom facilities and waiting rooms. 

For Safety And Precautionary Health Measures we ensure that all our patients and their companions have their temperatures checked before proceeding in our premises. Social distancing is observed throughout the areas of our clinic. We encourage everyone to avoid stepping out of their homes except for essential appointments.

To provide an extra level of safety on all our premises, we employ stringent preventive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19

Tele-triage – We make sure to perform screening via phone with all our patients prior to their appointments at the clinic.

COVID-19 Screening – On the day of our patients’ appointment, we screen them for any signs and symptoms of Coronavirus and inquire about their travel history as well. 

Staff Health And Safety

All of our staff are immediately encouraged to conduct home quarantine once they experience flu-like symptoms or have been in contact with the same.

Medical-grade Sanitizers

We have an adequate supply of hand sanitizers ready to be used by both our patients and staff. 

Removal Of High Risk Tangible Items – We removed items that can easily be at risk of being contaminated through touch. These include magazines and newspapers.

Shifting To Disposable, Single-Use Items – To further prevent the spread of contaminants, we shifted from glass and washable cups to disposable ones and bottled water.

Reinforced Disinfection – We have added extra rotations to our existing disinfecting and sterilization routines. In addition, we also have a daily external company to come and do the sterilization as required by DHA. They mainly do:

1. Applying air and surface disinfection by using cold fogger and disinfectant chemicals approved by Dubai Municipality for the entire facility, all surfaces, walls and doors.

2. Wipe all frequently touched areas (e.g. handrails, doorknobs, chairs, sear backs, tables, counters, air/ light controls, keyboards, switches, etc. and toilet surfaces with chemical disinfectants (use according to manufacturer’s instructions) and allow to air dry.

3. Wipe down all accessible surfaces of walls as well as blinds with disinfectant

4. Disinfect the premise by using a cold fogger

To all our patients coming in for their appointments

If you require urgent dental care, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our clinic is open if you need any help.  If you are unsure if your dental problem needs immediate attention, kindly give us a call. 

If you are experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath, or flu-like symptoms or have been in contact with anyone exhibiting the same, we urge you to not come to the clinic. Please comply with regulations and advise on COVID-19 from the DHA. Immediately get in touch with the nearest COVID-19 testing center.  Make sure to contact the clinic or hospital before coming. 

Unless it is absolutely necessary, avoid bringing anyone else to accompany you to your dental appointment. While at the clinic, everyone is expected to observe social distancing. 

We are doing the best of our abilities to practice safety measures and ensure the safety of our patients and staff. If you have any questions or concerns, please do ask. We will try our best to answer your queries. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and don’t be afraid. We are here for you.

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