3 Essential Tips For People With Invisalign

3 Essential Tips For People With Invisalign

Whether you’re going for traditional metal braces or invisible aligners, your willingness to commit is a huge factor in whatever teeth straightening treatment you choose. For people planning to choose Invisalign, the treatment may seem intimidating. However, aligners are comfortable to use and very convenient as you can take them out, unlike traditional fixed braces.

Patients looking to fix their orthodontic problems discreetly often opt for invisible aligners like Invisalign. Having it doesn’t affect much of your lifestyle as it is not restricting; you can still eat whatever food you want without having to worry about the food getting stuck between your braces, and take it out for any event or photo-op you attend.

It’s safe to say that invisible aligners don’t need much maintenance unlike traditional teeth straightening treatment and don’t require many appointments to the dentist. To make it easier for your journey to straighter teeth, here are 3 fundamental tips you need if you’re currently having Invisalign.


Watch What You Drink and Eat

Even though having Invisalign is not limiting on what food you wish to eat, it’s still important to consider the food or drinks that may damage your aligner. Like any other things, moderation is key. 

There are some food and drinks you should avoid or minimize in taking. When you wear your Invisalign, avoid drinking hot beverages such as coffee, tea or hot cocoa as the heat may affect the shape of your aligner. Deeply colored food and drinks such as red wine or beets can stain your invisible aligners. 

If you have your aligners in, clear drinks and cocktails are a go-to, as you minimize the risk of staining them. 


Travel dental kits are your Best Friend

For people on the go, a set of travel toothbrush and toothpaste is a must-have. Brushing after every meal is vital. You do not want any food debris getting stuck between your teeth once you wear your aligners. 

In such cases that you forget your dental kit, chewing sugar-free gum with xylitol is the best option and drink lots of water to further wash your mouth and keep it hydrated. A dry mouth is susceptible to bacteria growth.


Wear Your Retainers. 

It’s crucial to wear retainers once you have your Invisalign treatment done. In whatever teeth straightening treatment you do, wearing retainers in a complete must. Retainers will help your teeth adjust to its new bite and will keep it from retracting back to its original position. 

During the first few weeks after your Invisalign, you may be tasked to wear retainers at least 3-4 times a week. As the days progress, you can wear it every night instead. Never take retainers for granted, it’s just as important as wearing aligners. 

Like any other medical treatment, teeth straightening treatments are a lifetime commitment. For you to maintain that smile of yours, you have to take care of every stage from pretreatment to posttreatment. If you’re looking for a reliable center to have your Invisalign, visit our office to consult with our orthodontist, any time.