Does Age Matter- When Is The Right Time To Have Braces?

Does Age Matter- When Is The Right Time To Have Braces?

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful smile. After all, it’s the best accessory to have. A smile does wonders for everyone, it lightens up your mood and starts your day with so much positivity. 

However, some things keep us from wearing our best smiles with confidence. Crooked teeth and common bite problems may hold you back from having that smile of yours. These are things teeth straightening treatment help correct for you to proudly show off your smile.

When factoring in on the things to consider when getting teeth straightening treatment, one can think of one’s age. Does age matter? When is the right time to get braces? Let’s set the record straight and see how age becomes a factor in getting the perfect smile.


How do Teeth Straightening Treatments Work?

There are several types of treatments not just to straighten teeth but to fix bite issues as well. For instance, clear braces are used as an alternative to traditional metal braces for people looking to get street straightening treatment that’s less noticeable.

To straighten teeth and improve the bite, these treatments apply pressure to the teeth to shift its position to the desired alignment. Orthodontists utilize different mechanisms to make this work. 

Naturally, when the teeth start shifting to another position, a new bone is formed at the space of the root to ensure that the teeth do not go back to its original position. In some cases, the Orthodontist might remove a tooth or two to accommodate the change in teeth alignment

In rare cases, the teeth may go back to its original position, which is why retainers are essential in maintaining straight teeth.


Is There a Prime Age To Get Braces?

Generally, it is advised by Orthodontists that teeth straightening treatment can begin once a child loses his/her primary teeth and the majority of adult teeth have grown in. This occurs between the age of 8 to 14.

On other occasions, like severe malocclusion which may hinder the child’s eating or speaking, interceptive treatment is done to guide a child’s teeth growth to the desired and preferred outcome. 

These are some reasons why adolescence is regarded by most people to be the prime age for getting teeth straightening treatment.


Am I Too Old To Get Braces?

Truth be told- No one is too old to get braces. Several people may be discouraged in getting teeth straightening treatment due to their age. They feel they are too old to be having braces or aligners. 

The thing is, as long as your teeth are strong enough to endure all the procedures that take place during treatment, you are good to go. 

Treatment will never be comfortable during the first few weeks, so it is important to have good health in general and the right guidance of an Orthodontist to see you through the duration of the treatment.



The bottom line is, when it comes to Oral Healthcare, age does not matter. For teeth straightening treatment to work, oral hygiene is important. The teeth should be strong enough to withstand different orthodontic procedures. 

Don’t let your age stop you from wearing your most confident smile. Drop-in our clinic at Dental Couture and get the best teeth straightening treatment in Dubai with our invisible teeth aligners.