A Closer Look At The Timeline Of An Invisalign Treatment

A Closer Look At The Timeline Of An Invisalign Treatment

For those who opt for modern and quicker results from orthodontic treatments, Invisalign treatment is the correct choice. The process involves setting clear braces to your teeth, and these transparent trays keep changing every two weeks. Although the total number of invisible braces for teeth varies from person to person, the entire procedure will last from 6-12 months with more speedy results than conservative treatment. This article will have a closer look at the timeline of an Invisalign treatment.

Time To Straighten Teeth

Although the teeth straightening period can vary from person to person, the whole process can typically take 12 months to complete. During this, you will need to change your invisible braces every 2-4 weeks’ time and go for a new set of trays to position your teeth further each time.

Although you may not initially see any changes in your teeth, you will start to see a noticeable difference around the third or fourth month of wearing your trays. 

Time For Crowded Teeth

Dental crowding occurs when there is insufficient space in the mouth for teeth to grow straight. The condition results in the form of malocclusions and causes crooked teeth that overlap with each other. 

The timeline to treat crowded teeth depends on the severity of the condition, where a mild case can be treated from 6 months. A severe issue can take a long time and may also require earlier treatment like removing teeth before starting the Invisalign process.

Time For Gapped Teeth

Invisalign can treat gapped teeth faster than crooked conditions. Here, your clear braces are involved in bringing the teeth together and fill the gaps in-between. 

A mild gap issue can be corrected in 8 weeks. However, similar to others, you might have to wait much longer for superior results if you have severe gap issues. A retainer after treatments is often recommended to prevent the reoccurring gaps and to keep them in position.

How Does Invisalign Timeline Differ From Traditional Braces?

Conservative treatments, which involve metal brackets and wires, take twice the Invisalign process, most of which last for two years.

Traditional braces can further slow the process if the brackets or wires get damaged, where the effect wouldn’t be there till you get it corrected. These non-removable braces can also create dental caries or gum issues with their inability to do a comprehensive cleaning process.

Why Invisalign Timeline Vary At Times?

With the current status of your teeth being out of control, the timeline of treatment can vary with the teeth condition of each person. If you have one dental problem the timeline will be shorter whereas more than one type dental malocclusion requires more time for correction. Your age also matters here, as the teeth can move slowly when you are older.

Another crucial factor for the timeline is how long you keep your trays in your mouth during the treatment. It is recommended to wear braces for 22 hours a day, and it is vital to adhere to this time frame if you are looking for faster and effective results. 

Once you start the journey of your invisible teeth straightening to change your smile and improve your oral and dental health, follow the guidelines precisely as per your orthodontist’s instruction. This will help keep for quick corrections, and you will be free of braces in a few months. However, most of the patients must wear retainers following an Invisalign treatment to ensure the new changes are in place and the teeth will not shift again. You can discuss this further with your orthodontist, as the scenario can vary for each individual. To start your Invisalign treatment journey, get in touch with the best clear braces provider, the Invisalign Center in Dubai, and get expert consultations for your dental makeover.