A Close Look At How You Can Maintain An Active Lifestyle With Your Clear Aligners

A Close Look At How You Can Maintain An Active Lifestyle With Your Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are the popular alternative for traditional braces. These invisible braces have made orthodontic treatment convenient and aesthetically appealing. Traditional braces usually consist of wires and arches that appear unpleasant. 


The steps of a typical Invisalign treatment include:


During the initial consultation, our orthodontist will enquire about issues and concerns regarding your teeth. He will then assess your case and determine if you are a good fit for Invisalign. Extreme malocclusions and other uneven teeth alignment may require traditional braces. 


Dental assistants will then take pictures and use the iTero scanner to obtain digital impressions of your teeth. The digitized images will help the orthodontist create a 3D model and plan the entire treatment from start to finish. 


The orthodontist will then use computer simulations and the latest orthodontic tooth movement strategies to aid with treatment planning. The customized aligners are then created to fit your teeth. 

The aligners are used in different stages and worn for about two weeks before being replaced with another set. This successive sequencing of aligners helps the teeth reposition according to the plan. 


Clear aligners do not need regular check-ups, and this is one of the many benefits of Invisalign treatment. It is easy to move from one set to another, and unlike traditional braces, you do not have to visit the dental clinic for regular adjustments. A typical schedule will consist of one appointment every six weeks.  

How Do Clear Aligners Complement An Active Lifestyle?

You may be occupied with work or university activities, but invisible aligners do not come in the way of your routine and instead blend in with your lifestyle requirements. Different adaptable features of Invisalign makes this possible, which include:

Clear braces

These braces are virtually invisible, and that is why they are called invisible braces. It is the ideal choice for teenagers and adults because of its discreet appearance. The metal wires or elastic bands do not burden you, and this helps you feel secure with how you look. It also means that you can comfortably go to work or university with your aligners.


Another significant feature is that these braces are removable, unlike the traditional ones. This indicates that you can remove the aligners before eating, and then put them back on after rinsing the mouth. In this manner, there is no food caught or discomfort caused. However, make sure to put the aligner back on as soon as you have finished eating. Removal of braces for long periods can hinder the repositioning of teeth. 

Physical Activities

You can keep the aligners on while working out, exercising, or during other sports activities. The aligners should not be worn during heavy contact sports, which involve blows or strikes to the face area. Hard force to the aligners can cause damage to both your teeth and aligner. Aligners are not alternatives for mouth guards. You have to remove the clear aligner and wear mouthguards during extreme contact sports.

Approach our clinic for an initial consultation and determine if you are a good fit for Invisalign. Complete your treatment with the best orthodontists at our dental clinic.