6 Things You Need To Know Before, During, And After Braces

6 Things You Need To Know Before, During, And After Braces

Through the years, more and more people have gone through different types of orthodontic procedures. And with the advent of dental technology, these procedures have become efficient and accessible. During treatment, different types of appliances can be used to further facilitate the correction of malocclusion or teeth misalignment. Orthodontic appliances could range from fixed and removable braces, functional appliances, and headgear. 

These procedures result in the patients’ improved smile and better bite. Orthodontic treatments may seem easy, but there is more to it than just metal brackets fixed on the teeth. It involves a long process- from the initial teeth assessment, wearing the brace,  removing it, and maintaining the alignment with retainers. 

If you are thinking of getting braces yourself, here are 6 things you should know- before, during, and after braces.

Before Treatment

#1 Age Doesn’t Matter

People of all ages can get braces. Contrary to popular belief, age doesn’t matter for anyone wanting a set of straight teeth. It is important to note, however, that adolescent and adult orthodontics have their differences. For children, it is advisable to get braces once adult teeth have settled in. Meanwhile, adult orthodontics may take a while since bone density is denser for adults. In general, anyone can get braces as long as the teeth are strong enough to withstand the orthodontic procedure. 

#2 It Will Hurt, But It Will Be Worth It

You will feel uncomfortable when you are wearing braces, especially during the first weeks. Pressure is applied to your tooth to shift it to the desired position. This, in turn, causes stress on your jaw which causes pain. Patients are often prescribed pain killers to alleviate the pain. If you are getting fixed braces such as metal brackets, you may possibly cut your lips, mouth, cheeks, and tongue oftentimes since the brackets can protrude and hit the different parts of your mouth.

All the pain that you will endure will be worth it in the end- and that’s something to smile about.

During Braces

#3 Do Not Skip Appointments To Your Orthodontist

Braces are a commitment and something that should be given importance. Orthodontic treatments should be regarded as a partnership between the patient and the Orthodontist.- which is why it is vital for you to work with your dentist. Skipping appointments with your Orthodontists may cause complications in the future and may prolong your treatment. 

Your braces should be adjusted regularly by your Orthodontist and delaying your appointments may prevent you from achieving the best results. In addition, you should always obey any instructions that your dentist conveys. This will ensure that your treatment plan will be on track.

#4 Maintain A Good Oral Hygiene

Having braces entails the need for healthy oral hygiene. Keeping the teeth and gums in top shape is necessary while you have your braces on. Your teeth will need to endure the pressure during the treatment so it’s crucial to keep it strong and healthy. 

Gum health should also be a priority since its holding your teeth in place. Bleeding gums caused by gingivitis may prolong your treatment. This should be addressed immediately. But of course, prevention is always better than cure, so make sure to keep your oral health a priority.

After Treatment

#5 You May Need To Wear Retainers For The Rest Of Your Life

Often overlooked by some people, retainers are actually essential in keeping the teeth straight and the bite correct. As we continue to grow, our teeth may shift back to its original position. Retainers are there as an insurance policy. For the first few months after getting your braces off, you’d have to wear retainers at least every day until eventually, you’d only have to wear it overnight. 

#6 Take Care Of Your Teeth The Same Way As You Had With Braces

Even after getting your braces removed, you should not stop taking care of your oral hygiene. It is crucial to remember that oral hygiene should not be overlooked even after orthodontic treatment. You should also keep your appointments to the orthodontist regularly. 


Orthodontic treatments should be treated as an investment that should be taken care of. There is no secret formula in maintaining a healthy, it is just diligence and mindfulness. Whether you plan on getting traditional or fixed braces, or removable aligners, keep in mind that with poor oral hygiene, your treatment will go to waste. Talk to our Orthodontists in Dubai today to learn more about the benefits of Orthodontic treatments.