5 Habits You Need To Break To Avoid Crooked Teeth

5 Habits You Need To Break To Avoid Crooked Teeth

Some people are blessed with beautiful and perfectly aligned teeth right from their childhood. On the other hand, people who dealt with crooked teeth as kids, often grow up to have the same issue even as adults. However, crooked teeth or malocclusion is not age bound and can occur at any time in your life. Several reasons contribute to malocclusion in adults, including age, tooth decay, poor oral hygiene, external pressures, and genetics. 

Even if you are blessed with straight and perfectly aligned teeth or have already undergone an orthodontic treatment for your malocclusion at some point, it is necessary to avoid these 5 habits and situations that can cause crooked teeth. 

Resting your face against your hand

When you sit for long hours at your desk while at the office or while studying, do you tend to rest your face against your hand? If so, you are unknowingly contributing to the possibility of crooked teeth. 

This poor posture causes a lot of persistent pressure on one side of your jaw, which causes a shift in your teeth. Crooked teeth on one side of your jawline can eventually disrupt the harmony of your other teeth as well unless you break the habit and get treatment at the right time. Start by readjusting your position while at your desk by sitting square on your bottom and holding your back straight. This will not only take away the unwanted pressure off your jawline but will also reduce neck fatigue while working/studying.

Sleeping on your stomach

If you have the habit of sleeping on your stomach, you are at a greater risk of malocclusion. Constantly putting pressure on your teeth while sleeping on your stomach will cause the teeth to crowd and move inward. If you like sleeping on your stomach and unconsciously roll back to the position, try to consciously shift your position from side to side, or sleep on your back once in a while to avoid your teeth from shifting slowly and crowding.

Other external pressures

Crooked teeth can also arise from other bad habits that put unwanted pressure on your teeth. Constant nail-biting, placing a pen in your mouth, using toothpicks and blowing bubbles while chewing gum can also lead to malocclusion. Make a conscious effort to break these habits to improve your oral health and maintain good dental alignment.

Gaps left by missing teeth

Another major reason for malocclusion among adults is dental decay and tooth loss. Dental issues and injuries can cause your teeth to fall out. Tooth loss and gaps left by them will eventually lead to the shifting of your teeth, leading to malocclusion. This is further hastened by chewing and biting, causing the teeth to shift and move in different directions. Fixing dental gaps with the help of implants, aligners or fillings will help avoid the movement of teeth and let them stay in their intended positions.

Dealing with impacted wisdom teeth

Many people suffer from impacted wisdom teeth as they are the last ones to come out. Wisdom teeth are often prevented from erupting into the mouth due to their precarious position. This is caused by a physical barrier, such as other teeth, or when the tooth is in an angular position. 

If your wisdom teeth grow in the wrong direction or put pressure on your existing teeth, it can cause dramatic teeth repositioning in adults. With regular dental checkups, the probability of wisdom teeth crowding can be detected earlier on. If your orthodontist recommends getting it removed, it can help avoid crooked teeth, infections and other difficulties in the future.

Like any other dental condition, crooked teeth are treatable at every age. If you are an adult with malocclusion and feel embarrassed about wearing braces, consult with your local orthodontist in Dubai to see if clear aligners are a good option for you.