3 Reasons To Wear Retainers After Invisalign

3 Reasons To Wear Retainers After Invisalign

Some people are fortunately born with a beautiful and straight set of teeth. For others though, a trip to the Orthodontist is what it takes to achieve that Hollywood- worthy smile. 

Having your invisible teeth straightening treatment is a long-term commitment.  

After investing time in making your smile the best as possible, it is important to maintain it. As the name implies, retainers are there to make sure your teeth remain in their current position as our teeth tend to revert to its original place even after years of Invisalign treatment.

There are several kinds of retainers. It is important to consult our Orthodontist on which type of retainer is best suited for you. Each kind of retainer has a different process of maintenance, which is why conducting your research is important as well.

Here are the 3 main reasons why you should wear retainers after your invisible teeth straightening treatment


Assists in your Bite

The main reason why you need to wear a retainer is for it to aid in stabilizing your teeth and bite after you’ve had your braces. Retainers help you settle into your freshly aligned bite and minimizes the risk of relapse, which happens when your teeth begin to move back into its natural crooked state

Relapse is a natural thing for your teeth to do but certainly not what you want to happen after investing a lot of time to make your smile straight.


Impedes treatment reversal

Our bodies never stop changing- including our bones. After going through your invisible teeth straightening treatment. Your teeth will begin to change again. With the help of retainers, it guides your teeth and prevents them from relapsing. It is recommended by most Orthodontists to keep wearing retainers at night to maintain its straight alignment. Depending on the person, the duration of wearing retainers may vary. 

For patients who recently had their braces taken out usually need longer times on wearing retainers. As months progress, the duration may become less until it would come a time where it is only necessary to wear on a nightly basis. 


Keep your bones and gums in Position

After your teeth are aligned to a new position, it would take some time for your gums and surrounding bones in your teeth to follow through, Retainers help in making sure that your gums are in proper alignment with your teeth. It also protects it from any damage.


Final Words

You should bear in mind how important retainers are in making sure that your teeth will stay the way you want it to be. Keeping good oral hygiene is crucial as well. Take extra care when handling your retainers and store it in a clean container. 

Include a rigorous routine at home just like what you would do when you had your braces. The success of any kind of treatment depends on the aftercare and maintenance you do. Make sure to wear your retainers as diligently as possible and keep your Orthodontist on the loop for any problems you might be facing in the future. Don’t let your invisible teeth straightening treatment go to waste!